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The Alltech eng washing machine is designed for washing and cleaning of fruits and vegetables for industrial use, with wide application. This washing machine uses the actions and forces of water bubbles, which can effectively remove the dirt and other bacterial materials from the fruits or vegetables.

It is made up of stainless steel design. With advanced technology and innovative design, the cleaning machine can wash and clean the fruits or vegetables gently, while remove the fragments effectively.
This machine can not only wash all types of veggies and fruits, like leafy vegetables, root vegetables, apple, mango, and so on. With affluent experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design fruit and vegetable washing machines to suit your needs.


Karachi No.1

The Alltech eng Washing Unit machine in Karachi uses a range of types to clean fruits and vegetables several times, not only to completely wash vegetables and fruits of the soil surface, but also to wash vegetables and fruits surface pesticide medicine. This washing unit is appropriate for fruit and vegetable cleaning materials. The machine uses with arc angle with the cone bottom design, easy to clean, with a high-pressure spray, better cleaning effect, wider range. The Alltech eng washing unit is durable and stable, which is suitable for long term operation.


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