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Bread crumbs are a broadly used food additive for deep fried food, and mainly for frying food surface, such as: fried steak, fish, seafood, chicken chops, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its feature is crispy soft, tasty, delicious and nutritious.

Usually, bread crumb machine in Karachi is produced from the baked bread by the traditional machine. The bread crust generated from the manufacturing process means the high production cost. As an Alltech eng product, this bread crumb making machine adopts the latest technology. The processing involves powder from bread crumbs. The temperature and rotation speed can be adjusted according to the production need. Main body material is stainless steel, which is easy to clean.


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The final product is bright white and with good texture. The output of Alltech eng in bread crumbs processing machine line is very reasonable with very simple operation in minimum time. Bread, toast and biscuit will be pulverized more evenly, reduce the waste of material. We usually offer several standard bread crumb making machines to satisfy most clients’ demand, but our engineers can custom the machine as your wish.


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