FRIED ONION plant in karachi

according to customer needs.

It is safe

convenient and hygienic to use.

The Alltech eng manufacture crispy onion production machines to help customers. This machine is best for labor saving gives high output in minimum time. It is easy to operate, sustainable for large scale onion frying production.

The onion frying machine is with simple operation, and it can fry a variety of materials. The whole process of automatic control greatly improves the production efficiency. This fryer can solve the shortcomings of the traditional deep fryer; can fry various foods at the same time. Improve production efficiency and profit margins. It is based on the convenience of cleaning to ensure the quality of the food.


Karachi No.1

It is with variable speed regulating and frequency conversion motor speed control, frying time adjustable range of time. The machine Use upper and lower double mesh belt design, so that products in the process of Fried can keep floating products Fried uniform color, won’t have buoyancy food Fried uneven phenomenon. It is smokeless, multi-functional, oil-water mixed frying equipment. The equipment adopts the oil-water mixed frying process, which changes the structure of the traditional frying equipment


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