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The food extruder machine in Karachi is the one with bigger capacity for almost all kinds of snacks or food, fried and not fried, directly puffed, for human and for pet. It is applied to all the raw materials, such as corn, rice, wheat flour, oat, rye, bean, buckwheat etc. It is the crispy flake which is made from corn meal and the other grains powder. The production line includes mixing, extruding, flaking, drying, high temperature baking, flavoring and cooling. It can be eaten like snack, and be eaten with milk or coffee as well. By changing moulds and production process, the Alltech eng production line can make different shapes of puffed food.


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Despite of feeding, extruding, cutting, it is also equipped with the pre-conditioner to deal with the raw materials before extruding so that getting bigger capacity and best product structure. This kind of food extruder can be used as the multi-functional food extruder. Extruder control is based on a programmable computer system which adjusts for optimal parameters according to different recipes, water content, pressure and temperature, allowing for simpler more dependable processing.

The Alltech eng extruders are adjustable in speed of feeder, main drive and rotary cutter by inverter with powerful impetus, stable running and low consumption.

We provide segmental assembled screw made of alloy with long life is applied to more kind of material and products.

The automatic lubricating system reduces energy consumption and prolongs the life for use. The whole line is fully continuous and automatic. All equipments are made of stainless steel. The final food shapes and sizes can be various by changing the mould.

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