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The belt conveyor is one of the most excellent options for bulk materials handling equipment. It can continuously transport materials from one place to another place.

Belt conveyor consists of conveyors belts, pulley, idlers, frame, tension devices, driving unit, protection switches and other components, etc. Belt conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, port, cement, grain, chemical and other industries.


Karachi No.1

The Alltech eng belt conveyor machine in Karachi provides stable operation, no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, to prevent materials spillage and damage. Skirts fitted at the feeding point, fully sealed hood at the head section, improve the working environment. All kinds of protection switches give early warning of possible accidents.

The automatic control, reduce maintenance personnel, save labor costs. We also provide Interchangeable standardized spare parts to reduce purchase cost. The rapid replacement of spare parts can significantly reduce cost downtime. We also do complete quality inspection to ensure the quality of the products.


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